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Meet Marge

Shaman, Healer, Sage. - Delivering over 20 years of Experience in Energy Healing, Teaching, Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Messages, & Life Coaching

Trust your intuition - Your Heart knows the Way


Greetings!  I’m Marge Banse, Metaphysical Scientist, Former

teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Theta Healer,

Reiki Master, Shaman, Angel Reader, Wellness Practitioner,

and Spiritual Director /  Transformation Coach.  I am an

Intuitive Healer,  Spiritual Medium & Messenger,  Lover of

Spirit (and anything Sacred), and Founder of North Gate Healing Arts Center & Backbone Stones, Crystals & Curiosity Shop.   

My mission: Empower the soul, Provide relief for those who are suffering, help navigate major life transitions,  explore the desires of the heart and provide resources for the Journey.


I am highly intuitive and  understand that the Human Experience can be laced with Trauma and challenges. I understand that the struggles we encounter can leave scars, and have mental & emotional roots. I strive  to help my clients make meaningful connections between their heart, soul,  Creator Spirit, and the world we live in.  So that they can truly begin to heal- Mind, Body & Soul. 

LGBTQ Conscious.


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