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Steps to Developing Your Intuition: for Beginners

I have had many people ask me lately, "How do I become an Intuitive?". The answer is really quite simple. Just be YOU.

Intuition is really a natural process. It comes from our ability to be recall our connection to Source/Universe/ Cosmos, etc. . It is wrapped up in our beliefs in our own innate ability to carry on a conversation with something Bigger than ourselves. It comes from quieting the mind enough to hear, or to feel the connection or presence of those on the other side of the veil.

We all come to this planet as highly intuitive beings, receiving messages, knowing the answers, having a natural flow of communication with all things. However, due to human experiences, we have somehow forgotten that Divine connection.

Why would we ever knowingly forget our connection to Source? We don't. However, Some of us have been raised in an environment that frowns on being intuitive, labels it as "crazy" or "nonsense", or worse, labels it as sinister. This makes us feel as though there is something wrong with us if we were to admit our ability to recieve. Previous generations have placed such a strong emphasis on conformity to social norms, that we have lost track of our true selves. Some of us have karmic fear of being labelled as a witch, or something similar. This stirs up a primordial fear in all of us. A karmic fear that we will be ostracized, clipped from the herd, and made to suffer death by some horrific act.

Others of us have experienced Institutional religious ideologies that convince us it is unnatural to communicate with the Other Side. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You were born to receive! You were born to receive messages, abundance, goodness, and greatness from the Other Side. And they await you with open arms.

Almost every reading I have performed to date has begun with the loving presence of Guardians, Angels, loved ones and ancestors , greeting us with open arms. Eager to embrace us and help us on our human journey. What could be more natural than that.

I do have to admit, I have had a reading or two in which darker, more vindictive beings have attempted to be present. These beings are usually humans who struggled with their own demons in the human experience, and were struggling to move beyond the emotions of hatred, greed, etc in the after life. Do NOT acknowledge, associate, or work with, in any way, with these entities. I will cover this topic in a future article..

So yes, precautions need to be taken when travelling the path of Intuition and Mediumship, One must always attempt to work in the Divine Light. One must always turn your energy, attention, focus and actions to the Light. The Light being that Universal Light Source which is greater than oneself. Which guides us to that place of unconditional love. Love of others, love of life, unconditional love / acceptance of self (self love.....but not in a narcissistic way).

Some simple steps to consider if you are attempting to rediscover your intuition.

  1. Choose a place to be your "Communication Center" / Sanctuary. Choose a place that makes you feel safe, at peace, serene, uninterrupted. Those on the Other Side will come to recognize this space as the gathering place the minute you enter it, and will "come a runnin" to meet you there.

  2. Light a candle. Those on the Other Side recognize natural flame/ light more readily than artificial light. The act of lighting a flame, or burning sage or incense, can act as a signal to those on the Other Side.

  3. Enter with a pure heart. Make sure your intentions are for the Higher Good of the person you are serving, even if it is for yourself. This can be stated out loud or in silence prior to opening the communication circle.

  4. Invite in Angels, Guides, Saints, Prophets, Deities, etc. Invite in those of a higher vibration, more Divine nature first. Once you become familiar with working with this level, then you can invite in ancestors, etc.

  5. Bring your focus to your Breath. Slow your Breathing. Counted inhales, holds, and counted exhales usually work great for this.

  6. Quiet the mind. This is probably the toughest part. We live in an incredibly loud world, where we are visually, emotionally, and mentally stimulated every minute of the day. So much so, that we have developed an addiction to being stimulated, and are not comfortable being without it. A guided meditation usually helps to break the stimulation cycle, and eventually bring peace to the mind. Start this practice with a guided meditation, eventually working your way towards quiet meditation.

  7. Quiet the Monkey Mind. If you are one of those people who have a "to do" list running in your mind all day, you can manage your Monkey mind in one of 2 ways;

    1. You might want to consider having a note pad next to you in your quiet space. Anytime a "to do" thought works it's way in, jot it down, then forget about it. Knowing it will be there waiting for you when you are done.

    2. Sometimes, jotting a thought down on paper can pull you out of your quiet meditative place. Instead, imagine a shelf just out of your minds eye/ view. Anytime any human experience thought enters the mind, imagine yourself placing it on the shelf, knowing that you will have full access to the thought once the meditation practice is over.

8. Once you have quieted the mind, "feel" the energy of the space. Notice how your heart feels. Ask your Angels/Guides/ etc what they would like you to know.

Be sure sit with your Journal afterwards. The Angels/ Guides/ etc assume that we can hear everything they say. When we take the time to write it down, they recieve understanding on what we "got" and what we "missed" in the conversation. Then they can work on their end to make the next experience even better.

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